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Welcome Aboard!

Dolphin Connection Ingleside provides a unique opportunity to see bottlenose dolphins in the wild.  Throughout the tour pods of curious bottlenose dolphins appear and inspect our craft giving everyone a chance to capture memories.  Tours depart from the Ingleside Cove and explore the Corpus Christi Channel.  We'll cruise alongside nearby Pelican Island to catch a view of the local brown pelicans, neotropical cormorants and ring-billed gulls at play.  Make sure you don't miss out on a Corpus Christi must-do tour.




Kelley restarted Dolphin Connection when she retired from teaching to live in Ingleside by the Bay in June 2020.  Kelley has been trying to get close to marine life as long as she can remember.  She joined the Oceanic Society for two tours near Grand Bahama island to study the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin.  In addition, Kelley has certified twice as a scuba diver.  Her hobby -when she's not after dolphins- is gyotaku, the Japanese are of fish rubbing.  Kelley confesses that nothing compares to spending time with the dolphins on their trips.


The Five Star Legend

Pat joined Dolphin Connection in July of 2020 in the position of Captain, but there is so much more to Pat.  His expertise have taken him throughout the Middle East including Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.  In one position he was a contractor for Oshkosh Trucking.  In another he worked as a project manager overseeing three bases for the USMC.  To upgrade to a 100 Ton Master license he signed on to the Aransas Queen in 2015.  His grasp of bottlenose dolphin behavior is evident on each of his tours and his knowledge of the local islands leads to the pods of dolphins we call "wild joy".

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