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We have three exciting tours to chose from.  Every tour offers a wonderful opportunity to benefit from Captain Pat and Kelley's knowledge of the local area and surrounding wildlife.  Tour sizes are a maximum of 6 guests which provides an intimate and unforgettable experience.  Call us today and book your dolphin adventure.  We look forward to sharing our world with you!

Adults $65

Kids $45


Please call for tour availability during Off Peak Season between October and March.  Peak Season includes Spring Break.

Stock Dolphin 4.jpeg

10am Fins and Feathers

Join us in the calm of the day as we watch dolphins hacking a free meal behind shrimp boats. See below the surface at the magnified form of the beasties! Reaching the islands, there’s white and brown pelicans, ring-billed gulls and black skimmers. An Osprey is guaranteed, the only predator who dips his claws under the surface to catch a fish.

On the way back we’ll be on the lookout for the magnificent frigate bird who can stay aloft for up to 2 months and catch dolphins as they defy gravity jumping in the bow of the big tankers.

11:30am Baby Watch!

It’s the happiest time of the whole dolphin year! Starting this March, we’ll be on baby watch! This tour focuses on observing mother and calf and the unique way two dolphins swim as one.

Newborns swim in the “pole position” on mom’s shoulder where they find protection but also enjoy a front row seat in the underwater classroom. If you are the first person to see a brand-new baby, we invite you to pick out a name, and we’ll show you how to identify its mother.

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1pm Extreme Dolphin Watching

Do you like rollercoasters? Are you a thrill-seeker? Does speeding along in a powerboat with the wind in your hair and saltwater on your lips sound like fun? Then you will want to sign up for our Extreme Dolphin Watching!

We say extreme because in order to see dolphins surfing, we must venture out into the waves. And who wins when dolphins play chicken jumping in the bow of the big tankers? Come and see!

Special Sunset Tours:

Valentine Dolphin Trips

Love is in the air, literally. When dolphins mate, it’s a visible and electrifying water explosion. They mate chest-to-chest preceded by lots of splashing and leaping as males compete for females.


What a better way to say I love you than a champagne dolphin trip? Join us throughout the month of February for one of these remarkable tours. The whole boat just to yourselves…and the dolphins. $125 per person



Our license allows us to only take up to 6 people. Dolphin tours are for children 4 years and older. We do not feed, pet, or swim with the dolphins. Deposit of half payment is due at the time of your reservation. Full payment is due 48 hours in advance by phone. Your payment is your ticket. Trips are 60-90 minutes.By paying for a trip, you agree not to hold Dolphin Connection Ingleside responsible for any accidents to your person or family members on board. You will receive a full refund if cancellation is made 48 hours in



$65 adult 

$45 children and small dogs

Pets are free on all our chartered trips. Charters for up to 4 persons are $295 and for up to 6, $395.

November-February we book charters only. Please call 361-776-2887 to reserve.

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