In Memory of Erv Strong
- best man on earth, not only for dolphins -

Sonja finally retired in 2020 and sold the Dolphin Connection business to Kelley.

There are two types of Dolphins: Those that are free, and those that swim in endless circles in man made tanks.

Each year millions of people are mis-educated by corporate America, into believing dolphins belong in tanks, like goldfish. Hollywood, sea parks and aquariums sell the public a fabricated image of these intelligent beeings.

Dolphins and whales pay a high price for their profits and the casual amusement of humans: they die!

It's hard to believe anyone would support the captive display of dolphins if they knew one in nature and were truly educated about dolphins.

The Dolphin Connection is one alternative that allows you to be a part of nature, not apart from it. A place where you can meet and sometimes touch a dolphin in it's element and on it's terms.